Sunday, December 5, 2010


Cassidy's Journal

November 29, 2009

.... As much as I hate to admit this, I never wanted to fall in love.
Especially not like this. And I sure as hell, did not want it with him.

But like a bad love song on repeat, he lures me in time and time again.
But hell, you only live once. We are both young and stupid.

I only moved to Chicago in hopes for a fresh start.

I know I'm only running away from my past,
But if you were in my shoes you'd probably do the same thing.

I've heard it all before,

'No matter how far or how long you've been running,
your past always finds a way to catch up with you.'

So while I'm busy trying to forget it all...
All of what I felt I had to leave behind me,
-Even if it meant cutting out some of those I still loved-
I find something what I wasn't even looking for.


It was something that I never thought I'd find again.
He was different.
He taught me how to live again.
I thought this could be it.
And maybe,
Possibly this could last forever....

November 29, 2010

....So now here I am.
It's one year later and I'm living with him in his condo,
In downtown Chicago.

Everything has been going great.
That was until that one night in Vancouver.
When the Blackhawks embarrassed the Canucks with a 7 - 1 win.
The night that everything changed....

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